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About Us

We inspire to empower entrepreneurship

Having successfully co-founded by a group of business visionaries and now a full-fledged start-up company, Big Centure operates in the philosophy of sharing and referral branding to grow its global reach. 

Developing its own proprietary intellectual assets, Big Centure is able to capitalize on its unique position to develop a branded app like Flipbizz. Flipbizz is able to steer its path towards greater credibility and profitability for its investors in terms of creating greater visibility for their businesses.

Big Centure’s unique focus on the entire business ecosystem gives it an advantage unlike others. The complete service proposition Big Centure is able to bring encompass from business relationship management to app creation capabilities.

Leveraging on its premiere app that is serving a global community of business leaders, Big Centure will continue to expand into new markets and invest in new technologies that will benefit its clients.

The ‘Chi’ of Big Centure  BusinessEcosystem


To become a cooperate group that brings satisfaction and empowerment to entrepreneurships around the world


Rally Entrepreneurs, gather business visionaries for the discovery of unlimited business potential and learning opportunities to be the Vanguard of today’s business world by creating more inspired leaders

Our Product


Empowering Your Network

Flipbizz app is designed for people who wanted to explore, empower and contribute to make a different to entrepreneurship around the world.

Management Team

Ho Kim Hong

Chief Executive Officer 

Ho Kim Hong has been working in the construction field for more than 25 years, and has established a sterling reputation with his own contractor firm. He created Big Centure Sdn Bhd together with some like-minded partners.

Hoon Chui Yoke

Chief Financial Officer

Hoon has been running for SME financial planning for almost 20 years. Transforming from a Graphic Designer, she is observant and focused about the topic or issues that he’s interested in. A well balanced of artist mindset and management skill that make things simplifies and gets to the essence of that topic or issues for solution.


3-31B, Jalan Desa 2/4, Desa Aman Puri, 52100 Kuala Lumpur

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Call: 6017-7824035 

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